Building Blockchain inclusion for the
next Billion

Kandola Network is a Decentralized Blockchain for Real-Time Messaging & General Purpose Transactions

Proof of Real-time Transfer (PoRT)

Deploy your devices and solutions on Kandola's real-time messaging platform.
A highly scalable consensus protocol that guarantees the integrity & privacy of information exchanged

Peer Reviews

Kandola Ecosystem


High Performance

Message verification functions support extremely lightweight atomic operations & very high network throughput

Broad Applicability

The real-time message queue & data store will enable any industry that requires fast message functionalities viz. IoT, EV, Smart Wearables, GPS, Healthcare, Social Messaging to build on Kandola

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Making the High gas fee norm a thing of the past with a near zero gas-fee policy

Ease of Use

Easily deployable SDK tool-kits, No-Code Emulators & composers ready for easy integration



Web3 and Blockchain inclusion for the next billion

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Kandola Network's Consensus Mechanism Explained
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Kandola Ecosystem: Components & their functions
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Blockchain in Industry 4.0: Revolutionizing Businesses
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Our Awesome Investors

Arcanum Capital is a seed-stage VC firm focussed on decentralised apps and networks.

Arcanum Capital

A diversified, global, alternative asset manager founded in 2012.

Alpha Wave Global

Consulting services to start-ups focused on Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, etc.

Ascent Advisors

BKEX LABS is an established investment company with 6 years of experience in blockchain investment, asset management and project incubation.


The Cogitent Ventures Team is exceptionally resourceful and experienced in the blockchain world and the new technologies coming in the space.

Cogitent Ventures

Founder of Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS)

Harsh Rajat

Co-founder at Cere, Hyperedge Capital

Kenzi Wang

Co-founder and CEO of Arcana Network

Mayur Relekar

Co-founder Polygon Technology

Sandeep Nailwal


CEO, Founder

Siddharth Banerjee

CMO, Co-Founder

Krithika Radhakrishnan

Chief Technology Officer

Ragul Kumar

Chief Research Officer

Narayanan Ramanathan

Content Developer & Community Manager

Shruti Dutta

Graphic Design Lead

Abhishek M

Content Marketing Consultant

Smita Selot

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