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The Value of Choosing Us

Low Cost

~$0.02 per GB over TTL
10x lower cost for structured data storage compared to traditional cloud databases.

High Scalability

1 Million TPS
Dynamic Subnets,
Compute & Storage Sharding,
Parallel Chains

Temporal Data

Applications can decide and define how long they need to save the data. Pay only for that duration.

Ease of Use

Easily deployable SDK, tool-kits, No-Code Emulators & composers ready for easy integration

Real Time Messaging

Real-time messaging with a throughput of ~1 million TPS.
Enable real time chats, audio and video messaging.

High Availability

Completely on-chain
Full and Custody Nodes
Erasure Coding
Geo Location Aware

Proof of Real-time
Transfer (PoRT)

Deploy your devices and solutions on Kandola's real-time messaging platform. A highly scalable consensus protocol that guarantees the integrity & privacy of information exchanged

Our TestNet Partners

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Kandola Road Map

Project Genesis

Q3 2021

Started with the idea of creating a real time messaging and blazing fast decentralised data store. Start of research!

PoRT Published

Q3 2022

Our consensus PoRT was ready. We published and gotten the paper peer-reviewed by academia throughout the world.

Testnet Launch

Q3 2022

We launched out Testnet with almost 1200 participants registering for the event. We onboarded 4 early adopters.

Public Testnet Launch

Q2 2023

We will launch our APIs, SDK and reference implementations for public use and adoption.

Mainnet Launch

Q4 2023

Mainnet launch with bridge integrations with Ethereum.

Public Listing

Q2 2024

Listing on centralised exchanges.

Our Awesome Investors

Acacia Digital Holdings

Venture investment arm of the platform, launched in 2021.

Alpha Wave Global

A diversified, global, alternative asset manager founded in 2012.

Arcanum Capital

Arcanum Capital is a seed-stage VC firm focussed in Web3.

Ascent Advisors

Consulting services to start-ups focused on Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, etc.


Established investment company with 6 years of experience in Web3.

Cogitent Ventures

Exceptionally experienced in Web3 tech.

Harsh Rajat

Founder and CEO of Push Protocol

Kenzi Wang

Co-founder at Cere, Hyperedge Capital

Mayur Relekar

Co-founder and CEO of Arcana Network

Sandeep Nailwal

Co-founder of Polygon Technology


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