Kandola Network, as a general-purpose Blockchain is being built to enable a broad range of use cases, solving problems across multiple industry verticals


New global cybersecurity laws mandate data privacy and device security for all IoT providers to protect from cyberattacks. See how our platform enables end-to-end security and privacy using our chip-to-cloud solution.


Create, Add and Sell your art and content as NFT. See how our platform enables creating NFT on the fly - real time NFTs. Digital ownership simplified.


Urban farming is on the rise. See how our platform enables transparency and establishes trust between farmers and consumers. Consumers like you get to verify and authenticate the produce they are consuming.

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Building scalable social applications on blockchain has always been a challenge. But not anymore. Experience how our platform enables whatsapp scale social applications. Completely secure and with a 100% proof of digital ownership and control.


Emailing and enterprise communication have the most need for secure and data privacy preserving requirements. See how our platform enables secure enterprise communications. No more worrying about data leaks and hacks.


Sharing healthcare data securely with patients and other providers has always been a challenge in this industry. Ask us how our HIPAA compliant blockchain enables a secure health information exchange.


Implemented on top of ONDC, see how large scale ecommerce solutions can be deployed on our platform. Listing, fulfillments and payments - all integrated on a single blockchain and executed on our smart contract platform.